Nana gracilis

Chamaecyparis obtusa ` Nana Gracilis `. Shell-like sprays of. Both are outstanding conifers and differ mainly in height. Look carefully at nursery . Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress.

Deep green, flat and feathery-looking foliage sprays.

What it is: A compact, slow-growing, upright, . Common name: Nana Gracilis Hinoki Falsecypress. Pronunciation: kam-e-SIP-a-ris ob-TU-sa. Family: Cupressaceae. USUAL HEIGHT ‎: ‎1-1. Click to open expanded view.

The Muschelzypresse has a uniform, dense growth. The foliage is glossy green and soft.

Your growth is extremely slow. SpecificationsDescription. Conifer Nana Gracilis. CHAMAECYPARIS OBTUSA NANA GRACILIS. Origin, The Netherlands. In Japan, hinoki means fire tree.

This slow growing dwarf tree is ideal for seaside areas, as it . Koonilise kasvukujuga. Ereroheline, kaarjalt keerdunud võrsetega elegantne väikeaia puu. Kasvab nii päikesepaistel kui poolvarjus, . Karłowy krzew o początkowo kulistym, później nieregularnym pokroju i wolnym tempie wzrostu. RHS award of garden merit £14.

Dense Evergreen shrub. RHS Plants for Pollinators plants. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of . A fairly compact, pyramid-shaped Hinoki cypress with rich, dark green color.

Hinoki Cypress is a dwarf compact attractive slow-growing evergreen shrub.

In years it will only reach 3- 4 . Phaneroptera species.