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So I went hunting up a recipe and I was shocked it was not on the . For a special twist, add some food coloring and make designs. French palmiers are a classic cookie that only requires ingredients – puff pastry and sugar – and can be made a hundred different delicous ways! Download SpecSheet Share Tweet Email Print.

Quantity: Add to My List. I even had to look up the correct pronunciation.

Traditional or revisited pastries, our pastry Chef gives pride of place to quality, combines selected ingredients, adapts the tradition in the . Just look at those cuties. Learn how to bake perfect puff pastry palmiers , with tips on rolling out the distinct shape and ideas for sweet. Dec Crisp, sweet, and crunchy, this French cuisine palmier cookie recipe is quick and easy. Impress your friends and family with a delicious tasty . Dec This palmiers recipe, made with puff pastry and sugar, is a classic French pastry also known as elephant ears. Sometimes called palm leaves ( palmier is “palm tree” in French), French . This recipe includes options for making your own puff pastry from.

They have an air of class to them and make a beautiful display.

Jun Quick and easy to make palmiers , or elephant ear cookies, with puff pastry and sugar. A type of puff pastry biscuit made in the shape of a palm leaf and rolled in sugar. Nov Take the palmier (palm-YAY). Yet as the palmiers bake, the moisture in the butter-riddled layers evaporates, causing the dough to puff into . Palmier cookies are also known as Elephant . Widely available Pepperidge Farm puff . Roll chilled pastry into a . Search result for palmier. Unfold sheet of the pastry and place it on the sugar.

Sprinkle tablespoon of sugar over the work surface. Due to its shape, palmier has been given a . With roughly a one-to-one ratio of sugar to dough, these palmiers are one sweet treat. Our exclusive palmier recipe uses only the finest ingredients to form this perfect puff pastry cookie. Thaw your puff pastry sheet.

These little guys are the perfect appetizer for any party. You can literally substitute the filling to what ever . Puff pastry addiction. A sweet-and-salty take on the traditional French cookie, these palmiers have bits of buttery caramel between layers of crisp, flaky pastry.

Lower the oven temperature at 350F.

Bake the palmiers for minutes, turn them over .