Teak protector

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Our teak protector is not an oil and it is not greasy, so clothes stay clean. A soft cloth is included with the . Clean, protect and maintain the finish of teak outdoor furniture with these special preparations.

TEAK PROTECTOR GREY COLOUR. Teak Protector maintains the original light brown colour of teak for a longer time.

Protects teak against stains and green deposit. New teak: leave your new furniture outside . A teak protector for outdoor furniture care is used to maintain the original golden brown colour of teak, by retarding the discolouration caused by sunlight ensuring. Colour ‎: ‎Honey Brown.

Up to twice as long as teak sealers. Teak -oil often causes black spots on teak. This protector prevents black spots. Not an oil and it is not greasy, so clothes stay.

Preserve your fine teak furniture with a water-based teak protector that is solvent- free and non-greasy.

Keep the warm golden coloration of your outdoor patio set . Liquid for renovating and invisible long, active wood protection for teak deck, teak furniture or other non treated wood species. This easy-to-apply outdoor finish will help maintain the . Looking for the best gloster teak protector Reviews? Our protector is completely water-based and solvent-free: that is why we call it EcoSafe. We listed everything you need to know about buying an gloster teak protector , including . Helps to hide sapwood.

If cleaned wood feels rough, sand lightly before . Your furniture is an investment. This is a purely cosmetic application. Teak protector protects teak furniture from black spots. We suggest using the Teak Proctor within a . Long-lasting performance (to years for flat surfaces, depending on exposure to the sun, frequency and intensity of sunshine). Maintain and protect the all natural Teak timber furniture.

Giardino e giardinaggio. If you prefer the golden-brown color of new teak, you may use our teak protector to prevent the natural weathering process. The best way of maintaining the original reddish tint and luster of new teak, Brazilian Cherry, and other high grade .